Youde UD Twisted Kanthal ONLY £1 per roll!


With twisted wire the resistance of the coil is reduced but still maintains a high coverage on the wick. This is great for building funky custom RBA & RDA twisted wire coils. Increasing the surface area gives off more vapour. High quality wire, perfect wire for rebuilding atomisers!

Two wires
Double twisted 32ga/0.2mm x2 x 30ft roll  
Double twisted 30ga/0.25mm x2 x 30ft roll
Double twisted 28ga/0.3mm x2 x 30ft roll
Double twisted 26ga/0.4mm x2 x 15ft roll

Three wires
Triple twisted 30ga/0.25mm x3 x 30ft roll
Triple twisted 28ga/0.3mm x3 x 15ft roll

Four wires
Quadruple twisted 34ga/0.16mm x4 x 30ft roll
Quadruple twisted 32ga/0.2mm x4 x 30ft roll 
Quadruple twisted 30ga/0.25mm x4 x 15ft roll

Warning: Use this product at your own risk. We are not responsible for any type of injuries or property damage. This product is for advanced and experience users only.

Note: Rebuildable atomisers, coils and wicks come with risks. Rebuildable atomisers (RDAs/RBAs) are for experienced users that have the knowledge on how to use. If coils and wicks are not built correctly, the rebuildable atomisers (RDAs/RBAs) can case the mechanical mods or devices to fail.

Due to the nature of this product, we do not offer a warranty.

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