Vaporshark SwitchBox DNA 75 Box Mod


With its pocket friendly form factor and full suite of premium features, the SwitchBox DNA represents a familiar concept among Vapor Shark devices. But it’s the ability to take a great idea and make it even better that truly earns it a place in the family. 

Powered by the latest generation Evolv DNA chipset, the SwitchBox DNA packs the perfect amount of power for today’s modern atomisers and supports firmware upgrades to keep it on the leading edge of what’s to come.

While familiar, the SwitchBox doesn’t settle for conventional- adding one of the single most requested features to the Vapor Shark line up: Multiple colours. Not only can you choose the look of your new SwitchBox, its innovative design allows you to swap out the magnetic side panels for a different colour any time you want.

Does your mod need a facelift? Upgrade to the SwitchBox

Lock Mode: Click FIRE Button 5x within 2 seconds. Locks / Unlocks all buttons
Power Lock: In Unlocked Mode, hold + and - for 2 seconds to lock wattage
Atty Lock: In Locked Mode, hold FIRE button and + for 2 seconds to Lock / Unlock atomiser resistance Stealth Mode: In Locked Mode, hold FIRE button and - to switch from Normal Mode to Stealth Mode (off)
Max Temperature: In Locked Mode, hold + and - for 2 seconds to adjust max temperature.
Press FIRE button to save and exit menu

FIRE Button “Positive” Increases Wattage / Temp “Negative” Decreases Wattage / Temp
Swappable Magnetic Panels Multiple Color Options
Single 18650 (not supplied)
Powered by Evolv DNA 75
75 Watts of Power
Temperature Sensing/Limiting
Micro USB Port ZIP (2.0 AMP Charging)

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