Joyetech eVic VTWO Full Kit with Cubis Pro Atomiser

The CUBIS Pro atomiser fits the new eVic VTwo perfectly, using upgradeable firmware and dual battery protection. It also supports Custom Logo and RTC (Real Time Clock) display with clock screen protection.

E-juice filling is easily achieved by simply removing the top cap and injecting into the side holes. The innovative CUBIS Pro with leak resistant cup design allows you to enjoy the best vaping experience ever.


Top Filling And Top Airflow Control

We redesigned the refilling structure which enables you to refill the e-juice with great convenience.
Simply uninstall the top cap from the airflow ring, then inject the e-juice into the two side holes (not the vent pipe) directly.

Detachable and Washable Structure

With its special structure, CUBIS Pro Atomiser can be easily detached and is able to wash separately.


Dual Circuit Protection

eVic VTwo uses two sets of battery protection circuit system, giving battery protection against over-charging, over-current and over-discharging, which makes it more safe and reliable.

RTC (Real Time Clock)

Real Time Clock function on eVic VTwo presents the time in two ways.

Custom Logo

Users can upload custom logos onto your eVic VTwo provided that the logo is single color bmp. picture with limited 64*40 pixel.

Innovative Leak Resistant Cup Design

The completely leak resistant cup-style tank reservoir allows the top section and coil to be removed and as one solid unit. Coil replacement and juice fill can be achieved by removing this top section from the cup.

Firmware Upgradeable

eVic VTwo comes with upgradeable firmware having Version 4.02 for eVic VTwo, new interface, multiple modes and functions are available.

How to Reset

Should you get stuck while upgrading, just turn the knob to right and then insert into the reset hole with a needle to restart.

Charging & Upgrading

The micro USB port is on the top of the right side. Simply charge eVic VTwo Mini by connecting it with the wall adapter or a computer via USB cable. The battery is charged as shown in the picture. When it is fully charged, the charging bar will disappear.


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