Eleaf Pico Squeeze - Full Kit with Coral RDA


The Pico Squeeze with the Coral RDA is a new, skillfully designed e-cigarette kit by Eleaf in a compact package, which is powered by a replaceable 18650 cell and simple to use.

This kits main features are a re-imagined Squonk system and bottom-fed rebuildable dripping atomiser that the coils inside can be saturated simply by squeezing the bottle to push e-liquid in. The refillable Squonk bottle can hold an extra large amount of e-liquid, extending the time between refills.

Simple, compact, and sustainable, that’s the Pico Squeeze with Coral.

Pico Squeeze Parameters:
Thread type: 510 thread
Output wattage: 50W max
Resistance range: 0.15ohm-3.5ohm
Cell type: high-rate 18650 cell is recommended
Colours: black, white, silver, grey, hot pink

Detachable Structure for Easy Cleaning

All parts of the Coral can be detached and reassembled, making cleaning and maintenance easy.

A Re-imagined Squonk System

When you squeeze the bottle, the Pico Squeeze feeds e-liquid via the re-imagined Squonk system directly into the bottom-fed atomiser.


1. Open the bottom cover to take out the bottle
2. Slowly fill e-liquid into the bottle
3. Put the bottle back and close the bottom cover
4. Gently squeeze the bottle to let e-liquid in

Rebuildable & Re-useable for DIY Fun

With an open build space in the Coral, you can easily install the coils and cotton and enjoy the DIY fun in vaping to the fullest. When using Eleafs pre-made clapton coils, you will get great vapour production with nice flavour.

A Refillable Squonk Bottle of 6.5ml Capacity

The refillable Squonk bottle can hold 6.5ml of e-liquid, extending the time between refills.

Adjustable Airflow

The airflow can be adjusted to your preference by rotating the mouthpiece. And you will get a large vapour production with nice flavour when the airflow is adjusted to the most open setting.

Replaceable 18650 Cell

You can carry spare cells when on the go and change the cell easily by simply removing the battery cap.

How to Charge?

The 18650 cell can be charged in the Pico Squeeze through the side USB port via 1A wall adapter or computer or charged with an external battery charger. The recommended way is to charge the cell externally as it will take less time to give the cell a full charge.
Replacement coils for the Coral RDA available here
Replacement Coral RDA available here

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